Butterfly Cake

A quick and easy cake to make, no special baking mold required.

Step 1- Bake a normal circular cake and allow it to cool

Step2- Cut the cake in half and place the curved sides back to back, and then cut each half into 1/3rd and 2/3rd thirds like this-

photo 1

Step 3- Cover it up with Butter cream icing making sure that the strokes are curving outwards to give the effect of real wings and use a bit more butter cream in the middle to make the body like this-

photo 2

Step 4- Decorate as you like it but make sure the curvy lines are still visible.

Step 5- Ta da!


Cake shown here is –  Eggless Pistachio cake with Rose Icing. Pistachio and Rose go very well in terms of aroma and colour, specially for a Vintage/a girly party.


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