Pebble Magnets

Pebble Magnets


Painting pebbles is something I have explored recently and I thoroughly Enjoy it. It started as painting pebbles to make them into ladybirds and bees for my  little boy and it has become my new obsession! I now have a collection of funky nail varnishes and lovely pebble magnets at home!

I have previously blogged about this, but this blog is all about how it is done from scratch, so here we go-

What you need-


Pebbles- use flat ones (ones side flat is all it needs) roughly 1/3 rd of your palm size.The flat side is for the magnet to stick well.  If you get a choice, select one which is very smooth as it looks best when painted. Clean and dry them to get rid of any mud/dirt.

Any Nail Varnish will do, for the old ones which have dried/thickened- you can add a bit of clear nail varnish to make it liquid again.

I also used the marker pens and paint pens as shown in the picture for finer details and lines, For the white intricate dots and lines, if you do not have paint pen- you can use normal toothpick to draw lines or dots with white nail varnish. I did this initially but later bought the paint pen as it is much sleeker and quicker.

Make sure you are in a well ventilated room and have waste paper to protect surfaces. It can get messy.

Painting the Pebbles-

Outlining Pebble magnet

  Pebble Outline                                              Pattern

There is no right technique, just go with the flow. I used various methods- Some times I painted the whole pebble and let it dry to draw designs on it, Some I drew outlines before and filled various colours later and decorated. Experimenting is fun! Make sure the paint is dry before drawing lines/dots.

Once the front is well dry,turn the pebble to paint the sides and a bit of the back. This is because the sides and back is seen when the magnet is stuck. Let it dry well before sticking the magnets.

group back

Converting into Fridge Magnets-

group back magnet

I used 21mm diameter and 12mm diameter discs here and they did the job well. I initially bought E6000 but  realised that it  has a harmful chemical, so it was not worth using with kids at home and also I wanted to sell the magnets to charity. After a lot of researching, I bought Silicon glue(acid free) and I had some reservations before using but I was pleasantly surprised as it is very strong and worked well on stones with rough /curvy surface too.

Tips to sticking magnets- smear a small pea sized amount of glue on the back of the stone. place the magnet on top of it and turn it clockwise/anticlockwise to spread the glue well and give it a press in the end. This way I found was the less messiest and also the magnets stuck well. Let it dry for at least 12-20 hours.

Magnets are now ready.


The first box of pebble Magnets

brown fridge magnets

Purple fridge magnets

patterns on fridge magnets





Butterfly Cake

A quick and easy cake to make, no special baking mold required.

Step 1- Bake a normal circular cake and allow it to cool

Step2- Cut the cake in half and place the curved sides back to back, and then cut each half into 1/3rd and 2/3rd thirds like this-

photo 1

Step 3- Cover it up with Butter cream icing making sure that the strokes are curving outwards to give the effect of real wings and use a bit more butter cream in the middle to make the body like this-

photo 2

Step 4- Decorate as you like it but make sure the curvy lines are still visible.

Step 5- Ta da!


Cake shown here is –  Eggless Pistachio cake with Rose Icing. Pistachio and Rose go very well in terms of aroma and colour, specially for a Vintage/a girly party.